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And by slow, we don’t mean slow motion.


Slow living is an approach to life that teaches you to be more mindful of your time and choices. It is a way of building a life that you love, one that is based around your priorities, a life that you have time to enjoy.


Slowing down is not doing things at a slower pace, instead it is about being self-aware, it is about learning to edit out the things in your life that do not make you happy. For example, learning to politely say no when you do not want to attend after work drinks or a colleague's birthday party. It is about learning to be protective of your free time without feeling guilty. It is about asking yourself questions such as "What will make me happy during this free block of time I have?" or "Am I making this decision for myself and my family or am I doing it out of guilt?" and the big one,  "What do I truly want out of life and why?"

Slow living encourages you to connect with your local community, to consume less, and to be mindful of your impact on the planet. By living slow you have time to make better choices, for example you may find yourself looking for a plastic-free alternative to something you regularly use, or investing in longer lasting items as you have spent time thinking about every purchase. 

Slow living encourages you to create your own set of values that help you to prioritise what you value most in life and in doing so, gives you time to think about what you are leaving behind for the next generation.


Slow living takes on a different meaning for each person,  but a good way to work it into your life is by using the SLOW acronym as a guide. Read on below to find out what the letters stand for and see how they can be incorporated into your life.





To us, as friends, as women, as mothers, it means working towards a sharper awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. We want to make choices that benefit the lives of those around us but that also feed our minds while ignoring the pull of the masses. 


We see ourselves as future generation carers who can teach our families about the joy of delayed gratification and stop the craze that has become instant access.


By slowing down, we have an opportunity to take care of the world we live in. We allow ourselves time to think about our footprint on the planet and find better solutions to things we may have previously been too busy to think about. 

We celebrate Slow living and include its principles  in all the decisions we make at Olive + George.  We want to move our lives  away from being led by habits of convenience, and that includes what we buy – we want less waste, less plastic, less miles, less often.


We only work with brands who prioritise creating with purpose, with thoughtfulness and in line with our slow values.


Showing kindness to our world, and ourselves, through more thoughtful consumption. We have to stop asking too much of ourselves and our environment and instead work to find solutions that help us to live a more sustainable life.



Making meaningful connections within your community. Supporting local farmers, shopping with local businesses and looking after local nature and your green spaces. Try to make the most of what is local to you.



Community Garden


Choosing organic food, or growing your own. Finding natural alternatives to mass produced products that harm our environment. It's time to step away from plastic and be kinder to ourselves.



Spending your spare time on what you value most in life, on what makes you feel stimulated and fulfilled. And when doing so, learn to not be distracted, allow yourself to fully immerse into it and give it your full attention.

Fresh Organic Vegetables


Picnic After Camping