Sink into an immersive world of surprise with our Deep In The Ocean Gift Set containing:


  • Deep In The Ocean by Lucie Brunellière
  • Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape


Deep in the Ocean by Lucie Brunellière

Deep In The Ocean is a truly immersive book with its vibrant colours and fascinating illustrations displaying the beautiful underwater world. A scientific team has boarded a submarine to explore the ocean’s depths. When it drifts off course, it goes on a journey through the depths of the ocean, showing the readers all the amazing creatures that it encounters. Read alongside the free downloadable soundtrack for the full experience. 


We love how the author's playful works appear to pop off the page, truly engaging her readers. Published by Abrams & Chronicle.


Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape

Explore the depths of the ocean by creating an amazing seascape. A 3-in-1 project with a 3D wall chart, fact packed board game and playful activities.

Take a trip down through an underwater world. Journey deep to the bottom of the ocean and discover the fascinating creatures and colourful plants that live in the deep - from the tiny shrimp to big blue whales!

On one side, a beautifully illustrated seascape showing some of the amazing creatures that live in the ocean. On the other side is an amazing, fact packed board game! Hang the seascape on your wall and enjoy playing with the 3D submarine, boat and creatures included. 

Easy to follow instructions and a fun activity sheet inside. Made from FSC certified recycled card. No glue or scissors needed. 


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