Using Animals to Engage Kids With Climate Change

Climate change is a tricky subject for parents to navigate. So how do we educate our children without overwhelming them? There’s no black and white guide for parents to follow; only we know what our children have the capacity to absorb.

To get you thinking about how you can do your best to discuss this topic with your children, we recommend listening to a brilliant podcast - Climate Crisis: Talking with Children About Climate Change

There is a lot of useful information in here, but one of the key ideas is using animals to emotionally connect your children with the idea of climate change. Carole Hickman discusses ways that children can engage with the issue by talking about the natural world.

If you’d like to give this a go with your kids, Cool Facts About Animals, is a great podcast to start engaging your kids with climate change’s affects on animals. With manageable episodes of around 15 minutes each, it’s a podcast made for kids, by kids. Most episodes aren’t specific to endangered animals and are very interesting nonetheless, but these three focus on the topic, providing actions your kids can take to help.

It’s great to listen to as a family, but I would recommend having a device open next to you to show images of the animals being discussed.

1. How Kids Can Help Animals – Interview with Allyson Shaw of Nat Geo Kids

2. Extinct Animals – Special Earth Day episode

3. What Can Kids Do To Protect Animals?

Check these out on our Spotify playlist here.

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