• Emily

Storytelling With Journey Sticks

I must admit, I like to try to find children's activities that are multi-dimensional - things that aren't just one straight action - things that can come in stages. It occupies more attention and time and gives that depth that I find important in keeping my daughter engaged.

Journey sticks are a great example of this. It requires finding the perfect stick - an activity all in itself, painting at home in preparation, taking it on a stroll, and talking it through afterwards, recounting your journey. I find working in strands really valuable and this is great with it's combination of nature, creativity and storytelling all wrapped into something that creates something stunning and unique! It's also an activity that isn't restricted to age groups.

All you need from home is yarn (even use elastic bands for very young children), and the rest can be found on your trip.

Start by finding your stick - no rules here! You can paint it at home and let it dry or skip it out. Then you will simply collect pieces on your way and wrap them with the yarn and tie off. This can be anything ranging from feathers, flowers, twigs, moss, anything! Alternatively, tie layers of yarn on your stick and place your items in it as you go along.

If the journey isn't going well and let's face it - sometimes it's just not going to work, gather your bits and do it at home.

Proudly display your journey stick! The best part is recounting your steps:)

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