The Benefits of Burning Incense

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We all know that scents activate the parts of our brain that trigger memory and emotion. Scents can relax, unleash, and evoke, and we can use this to our advantage and utilise scents to enhance certain experiences. This has been a concept in India for thousands of years, where burning incense is an integral part of Hinduism.

Incense isn’t just for hippies. Whether you hate it or love it, it has stood the test of time and provides a number of wellbeing benefits.

Here are a few ways that burning incense can promote positive experiences in your world today.

1. Incense helps boost your mood and reduce anxiety.

Certain scents can increase the release of serotonin in your body, the hormone that stabilises your mood. Your levels of serotonin affects everything from eating to sleeping to how anxious you are.

2. Incense enhances meditation and creative practices.

Traditionally, burning an incense stick was used as a way to measure a certain amount of time passing. It was, and still is, used in certain religious settings, which explains why incense is widely used in meditation, as the quality of your practice depends on your ability to focus and be present. Incense is also known to stimulate ideas and improve mental performance.

3. Incense helps act as a sleep aid. If you need to switch off that monkey mind after a busy day, incense provides an aroma that gets you in the mood for a relaxing sleep, and sandalwood in particular is known to be a great sedative.

So light your favourite scent and enjoy!

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