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Hunting for Wild Garlic

Foraging for wild garlic is the ultimate hyperlocal food experience. Don’t be put off if you’ve never gone foraging – neither have I. This is a very loose version of foraging as wild garlic grows in abundance in its favourite spots all over the UK, and it’s relatively easy to identify because the scent gives it away!

April is the perfect time to give this a try, when the plant’s leaves are at their best for eating.

How to identify and harvest

Wild garlic likes to live in woodlands, but it can be found in other damp areas under trees.

The droopy green leaves have a pointed tip and can grow between 5 and 15 cms long. In April, they may or may not have white flowers by this month . All parts of wild garlic are edible, but there’s no need to pull up the bulb to use in cooking.

How to cook

The great thing is wild garlic can be eaten raw or cooked. Chop up the leaves and use it the same way you would garlic that you buy from the shop!


The leaves of wild garlic are known to look similar to the highly poisonous plant of Lily-of-the-Valley, so please be cautious!


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