Olive & Fig

Olive & Fig was born out of a life-long passion for candles and fragrance, mixed with the frustration of good quality candles being beyond the budget of most people. Their mission is to produce quality, affordable, ethical and beautiful candles for your home.

Minimising their impact on the environment is at the heart of everything Olive & Fig do. Their candles are hand poured in the UK using plant-based soy wax blended with pure essential oils and high grade fragrance oils, which allows for a clean burn. All products are 100% free of plastics, parabens and phthalates in addition to being cruelty-free.

We know it's hard to get a good throw from many of the soy wax candles on the market but we are so happy to have finally found a candle that you can smell the fragrance from even after it's gone out.